Zarika Retains the World Boxing Council Title

Kenya’s “Iron Fist” boxing lady Fatuma Zarika managed to retain her World Boxing Council title, after beating Mexican Yamileth Mercado.
This was after a split point decision by the judges at the Kenyatta International Convention Center on Saturday. Judge Eddie Papoe from Ghana gave Mercado 96-94. Ben Kaloki from Kenya gave Zarika 97-93 and Francis Chirwa from Malawi giving her 99-91.
With this win Zarika has so far won 31 matches, losing 12 and drawing 2.
Zarika has been able to receive mentorship from Conjestina Ochieng who is one the first African women to win an international title in boxing. Conjestina was also instrumental in Zarika’s decision to join boxing as a sport.
Thousands of Kenyans came out in large number at the KICC to support Zarika, which she termed a great motivation during the match and proceeding on to dedicate the win to her fans and Kenyans.
Yamileth Mercardo indicated her desire to have a rematch, this time round in Mexican soil.
Kenyan leaders took to social media to congratulate Zarika Fatuma for her win led by Deputy President William Ruto, Raila Odinga among other leaders.

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