World Refugee Day

20th June marks World Refugee Day, aimed at catching the publics’ attention towards the high number of refugees and internally displaced people worldwide due to famine, conflict, war, and persecution due to their political or religious beliefs.
The United Nations indicates that about 65.3 million people are displaced, of which more than half of this number are children below 18 years. According to a report released by the UNHCR it indicates that Kenya was been able to repatriate some 33,800 refugees to Somalia. The same report indicates that the number of asylum seekers in Kenya has declined by 20%.
In 2016, Kenya was seeking funds to repatriate some 300,000 refugees at the Dadaab camp which would see the camp being closed as a means to keep terrorists at bay.
The UN Refugee Agency launched #WithRefugeesPetition in June 2016, urging governments to work together and do the best they can for refugees.

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