World Radio Day 2018

“Radio reaches the widest audience in the world!”

In an era of dramatic advances in communications, radio retains its power to entertain, educate, inform and inspire.’’ The words of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in his message to the world as it celebrates World Radio Day.

This is the 7th edition since its inception in 2012 following its declaration by UNESCO General Conference, thereafter it was adopted as the international day by the United Nations General Assembly.

Radio was first discovered in 1902 and since then has served as a main source when listening to news and music. Radio stood witness to some of the greatest events in history and brocasted live events. For instance on July 31st 1982 during the attempted coup that saw legendary radio personality Leonard Mambo Mbotela inform Kenyans on the events that were unfolding. This was 36 years ago and up to date radio still remains relevant even with the emergence of new technologies in television, film, among others.

As the world marks World Radio Day under the theme; Radio and sports for peace and uniting communities, Kenya Community Media Network- KCOMNET organized celebrations held at Kivuli Center home to Mtaani Radio a community radio based in Dagoretti sub-county, Nairobi County.

Present at the event were different stakeholders representing various organizations, sporting entities and various representatives from community radios in the country to discuss matter sports and peace building and the importance in the development of the community.

According to Anthony Ngare, the deputy Director of Expression and Media Development Information and Communication Programme at the UNESCO, he indicated that one of the attributes that makes radio effective is the fact that it has the ability to reach different people regardless of their social status and also been a key component in spreading peace in different communities. Alfred Kibunja a team building professional in addition added that sports is key in a community as it promotes teamwork, essential values that unit us towards a better Kenya.

Through the incorporation of sporting activities communities have been united and empowered as well as giving voice to the marginalized communities.

What makes radio cool is the element of surprise and its uniqueness to enable one create mental pictures in addition to its ability to communicate to one person.

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