World Cup 2018

It is just 29 days to World Cup 2018 and the world cup fever is set to grip the country in the next few weeks. This year’s World Cup is scheduled to go down in Russia on the 14th June and run through to the 15th July. A total of 32 teams will be feature with 5 from Africa- Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia.
According to a report released by GeoPol it indicates that Kenyan men are among the continent’s more enthusiastic FIFA cup viewers, with 92 per cent saying they plan to watch the cup, coming in behind Ghana at 99 per cent and Senegal is at 93 per cent. On the other hand Kenyan women ranked as the least enthusiast in the continent.
The poll also reveals that about 30% of Kenyan men plan to watch the action in clubs and restaurants. Business owners are expected to reap big during World Cup season especially for bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Betting firms are also expected to earn big as Kenyans have been listed to having the highest number of gamblers at 75% according to a survey done by GeoPol.
All the 32 teams stand to benefits for being part of the World Cup. In 2017, FIFA confirmed that a total of $400 million would be shared between the participants at the 2018 World Cup, teams that will get to the finals will get $9.5m while those in the teams in the group stages will get $8m.
The beaten semi-finalists who contest the third place will share $46m. This year’s winner will take home a total of $38m with the runners up getting $28m.

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