What You Need to Know About the 2019 Census

The 2019 census will be the 6th population census since Kenya got its independence. It will be conducted from the night August 24th to the 31st by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.
Population census is the process of counting in a country at a specified time where data pertaining the social and economic of persons in a country. The information collected helps to guide the government in resource allocation and making proper plans for development.
The exercise will involve 138,572 enumerators, 22,268 content supervisors and 2,467 ICT supervisors.
Previous census were held in 1948, 1962, 1969, 1989, 1999 and 2009.
In this year’s census for the first time, all the data required will be captured electronically through a tablet computer.
This exercise is expected to take about 30 minutes in each house hold. Kenyans will be asked questions regarding their age, sex, ethnicity, nationality, religion, marital status and county of birth. Others question will also include education, labor force particulars, access and ownership of ICT equipment and services, crop farming, livestock and aquaculture, housing characteristics, and ownership of assets.
The census will capture all the details of people living within the Kenyan borders.
People who will be working on night shift such as doctors/nurses, guards will be counted in their households. Kenyans living in the diaspora will not be counted but household here in Kenya will be asked details about them.
After the enumeration exercise officials will indicate a number on the door indicating that that particular household has been counted.
Preliminary results of the census are expected to be released three months after the exercise, six months later a basic report will be released and a year later a detailed analytical report will be released.

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