Violence Against Children

Koinonia Kommunity has been at the forefront championing for the rights of children here in Kenya. Over the years it has been able to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate thousands of children.
Violence towards children can described as that which causes harm, injury or sadness to a child.
It is estimated that every 5 minutes a child dies as a result of violence worldwide. According to a survey carried out by the Government of Kenya in 2010 it indicated that an estimated 79% boys and 76% girls experience physical, sexual or emotional violence before their 18th birthday.
There are different types of violence –physical, sexual, emotional, neglect and emerging trends which includes sexting, cyber bullying, and distribution of child pornography and online grooming of children for exploitation.
Violence against children is universal and cuts across all boundaries of age, gender, religion, ethnic origin, disability or socio-economic status.
Perpetrators of violence against children are plenty of times persons close to children including parents, relatives, teachers, neighbors and people close to the family.
To break this cycle and ensure that our children are safe we need to report cases of violence against children whenever we witness such. Other ways that come in handy include implementation of various laws that have been constituted, creating safe environments for children and changing believe systems on certain values and norms.
It is important to that the National Child Helpline Kenya 116 is a toll free line for children and the general public to report abuse and be linked with essential services. It is open 24 hours and works in partnership with the government to stop child abuse.

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