US National Security Adviser Rice Praises CAR Elections

The U.S. National Security Council says National Security Adviser Susan Rice met Wednesday with the president of the transitional government of the Central African Republic to congratulate her on the country’s recent peaceful national elections.
Rice, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, met Wednesday with President Catherine Samba-Panza, commending her for her strong leadership and progress towards peace and reconciliation. Rice said Samba-Panza’s leadership has set “a powerful example of a peaceful democratic transition that will strengthen the country’s prospects for peace and prosperity.”
In a statement, NSC spokesman Ned Price said both Samba-Panza and Ambassador Rice underscored the importance of ensuring that the next government is inclusive of the regional, ethnic, and religious diversity of the Central African Republic.
He said they also discussed their concern for the continuing reports of sexual exploitation and abuse by United Nations peacekeeping forces in the Central African Republic and expressed strong support for swift accountability and the enforcement of a zero tolerance policy.

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