Time’s Up for the Use of Old Generation 1000 Shilling Notes

Old generation 1000 shilling notes will cease to be legal tender after Monday 30th September.

The government had issued out a deadline on the use of the old generation notes 4 months ago after it launched the new generation 1000 shilling notes on Madaraka Day held on the 1st June.
The Central Bank and all commercial banks will not accept old generation notes of 1000 shillings after the close of business today.Patrick Njoroge ,CBK Governor has on many occasions indicated that there will be no extension to the deadline. This exercise was introduced in a bid to fight money laundering and other illicit financial flows.

The exercise was targeting to collect Ksh 217B of the old 1000 notes, which the CBK stated that they would destroy after the elapsing of the deadline.

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