Streamlining the Betting Industry

In just 5 years the gaming industry in Kenya has grown in its turn over from KES 2b to KES200b. With the increase in turnover Kenyans would have been expected to automatically be the others benefiting side however the industry is currently controlled by foreigners and revenues end up benefiting their countries.
Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi ordered Immigration PS Gordon Kihalangwa to review working permits of foreigners who had applied to conduct other businesses. In just afew hours after making this directive, CS Matiangi made true his words by signing deportation orders to 17 foreign nationals accused of running illegal betting businesses on Tuesday 21st May.
Currently the gaming industry owes Kenya Revenue Authority KES26b in unpaid taxes, CS Dr. Fred Matiangi indicated.
The Kenyan government plans to introduce a regulatory framework to the gaming industry to minimize harm. This will be done through close monitoring both in and out of the country so as to ensure full compliance in tax payments.
Stringent guidelines have been set to deter Kenyans from engaging in betting.

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