Rwandan Gospel Artist, Kizito Mihingo found Dead in Police Cell

Rwandan gospel music artist Kizito Mihigo was found dead in a police cell.

This comes three days after he was arrested near the border of Burundi. He was accused of attempting to flee the country and join rebel groups fighting against Rwanda. The charges against him included illegally crossing to Burundi, corruption and joining terrorist groups.
Activists have dismissed reports that indicate he might have killed himself.

Mihigo was best known for the songs Inuma (pigeon) and Igisobanuri cy’urupfu (the meaning of death).He is a survivor of the 1994 genocide and is well known for his reconciliation work and religious songs.
Mihingo’s fans have taken to social media demanding answers concerning his death.
In 2015, the singer was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted of planning to kill President Paul Kagame and inciting hatred against the government.

He was pardoned by the president in 2018 alongside Rwanda’s leading opposition leader, Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza. His release was on condition that he only leave the country with judicial permission.

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