Rescue Operations Continue in West Pokot

Death toll from West Pokot landslides has risen to 52 after six after more bodies were recovered at Parua area.
The rescue mission are still underway, in as much the efforts have been hampered by lack of transport as the roads have been rendered impassable.
President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the deployment of the Kenya Defence Forces, the National Police Service and Special Programmes in the rescue operation in West Pokot.
At least 22 other people are missing after the tragedy that hit Parua, Nyarkulian and Muino, this is according to Governor John Lonyangapuo.
The governor has called upon well-wishers to donate food items, clothes and blankets, having set up a store in Kapenguria for the aid. A helpline and playbill are in the woks to further help victims of the landslide.
West Pokot Director of Meteorological Services Wilson Lonyang’ole said locals including those living in Nyarkulian, Parua, Sepit and Muino villages that were ravaged by the Friday night landslides had been asked to vacate the area in an alert issued on Tuesday last week. A section of residents did move to higher grounds of Pokot South.
At least 20mm of rains per day will persist in West Pokot until early next week and locals have been warned against living in areas prone to landslides.
Similar warnings were also issued to neighboring county of Elgeyo Marakwet.

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