Public Participation on the County Fiscal Strategy

According to the Public Finance Management Act, it indicates that there shall be openness and accountability including public participation in all financial matters.
1st February, residents of 17 sub-counties in Nairobi County have been able to participate in the budget making process that saw them share their input on the various development projects they would want to see in their localities.
The budget making process in the County is a 5 step process that includes – Formulation, Approval, Execution, Evaluation and Auditing.
In the Formulation process, this is where residents have the opportunity to give their inputs on the various developments they would like to see implemented. It is important for residents to take part in this process as it aims to increase efficiency and accountability of tax payers’ money, reduce social exclusion and poverty, increase trust between the people and the government as well as strengthen the democratic process.
Once the strategic papers indicating the projects to be undertaken are complete the approval process is undertaken and various projects are allocated funds for execution. In the recent past there have been reports from the Controller of Budget and the National Treasury indicate most counties underutilized their budget while counties blame Treasury for limited funding or delayed funds release.
The national government is looking to focus its development agenda on four main areas growing the manufacturing sector, expanding access to universal health coverage, providing affordable and decent housing and enhancing food and nutrition security.
In these areas, the counties have a role to play, especially in the health function, which is largely devolved, and in food security, and by each county attaining their County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP).

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