PSC Set to Re-advertise for the Position of Chairperson at EACC

The Public Service Commission is set to readvertise for the position of the chairperson of the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC). This is after 68 candidates were interviewed and none of the applicants qualified for the position. For one to qualify they need to have a degree from a recognized Kenyan university, meet the requirements of chapter six of the constitution, as well as have knowledge and experience of 15 years in one of the fields ranging from ethics, law, public administration, leadership, economics, social studies, accounting, fraud investigation, public relations and media, religious studies, philosophy or audit.

The position for the chairperson of the EACC fell vacant following the resignation of Philip Kinusu after allegations that a company linked to his family benefited illegally from dealings with the National Youth Service. The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) was established through an Act of Parliament as stipulated in the 2010 constitution, by the then President Mwai Kibaki on the 29th of August 2011 replacing Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC). It was chaired by Mumo Matemo alongside commissioners Irene Keino and Jane K. Onsongo. The three resigned in the year 2015, after which President Uhuru Kenyatta nominated Philip Kinisu to chair the commission.

This has been the trend for commissioners to resign due pressure, even while it was Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC). KACC was established in 2003 to replace Kenya Anti Corruption Authority (KACA) which was headed by John Harun Mwau, who also resigned due parliamentary pressure.

Justice (Rtd) Aaron Ringera served as the fist chair of KACC as from September of 2004, who would later resign in July of 2011 following parliamentary pressure. He paved way for the appointment of Prof. PLO Lumumba in September 2011; he was viewed as someone who would revolutionalize the authority. However his stay at the commission was also short lived. He has been quoted stating that it is quite difficult to fight corruption in Kenya, as honest people are never offered an opportunity to fight it at the commission.

This is an institution that has been mandated with the role of fighting corruption and promoting integrity but over the years no one has been prosecuted over corruption charges.


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