Pressure Continues in DRC for President Kabila to Step Down

International pressure from Britain, US, the European Union and the United Nations is mounting on security forces in the DRC to halt a wave of repression aimed at preventing protests against President Joseph Kabila. Police, paramilitaries and soldiers have continued to round up demonstrators and opposition activists.

The United States has said that the Congolese government ought to respect the rights of its people in expressing their views without fear. With a ban on demonstrations in place, the streets of DRC have been marked by heavy security presence.

The constitution bars Kabila for running for a third time however logistical and financial issues indicate that a fresh election cannot be held until 2018 thus the president will remain in power in interim. Critics accuse Kabila of clinging to power even after his term has elapsed.

In what seemed like a way to ease tension with the opposition Kabila’s administration through the state TV announced an expansion of the government by about 20 ministerial posts many of which many were reserved for opposition members.


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