A Platform for the Youth to be Heard: BBC Sema

The 29th of September saw the launch of a new program BBC Sema, at the PAWA254 in Nairobi, Kenya. BBC Sema is a youth friendly program that seeks to highlight governance issues. The youth came out in large numbers to witness the birth of a new program that would offer them a platform to highlight issues that affect them well as educate them on matters leadership and governance.

The show comes in handy at time where it is barely a year to the 2017 general election in Kenya.  Kenya is still in healing from the effects post-election violence (PEV) of the year 2007/2008 where violence erupted after a disputed election process. The show is aimed at tackling various topical issues such as voting rights, voter registration, youth unemployment, leadership among young people and women, corruption, voter bribery among other topics.

Present at the launch was nominated Member of Parliament Johnson Sakaja who urged the youth to actively take part in politics as it is the only sure way that they can get to present their issues and ensure that they are dealt with. He narrated his own story of how became the chairperson of The National Alliance Party of Kenya (TNA) at a mere age of just 26 years. The youth present were of the opinion that current political parties and politicians have not represented their issues effectively and there is more that needs to be done.

Caren Wakoli, who is currently the executive director of Emerging Leaders Foundation, stated “Youth should be persistent until they are helped” in regard to the fact that the current leaders are not readily available address issues affecting Kenyan youth.

Also present was, Nerima Wako, who is the executive director and co-founder of Siasa Place- a platform where the youth get to talk about political matters and how they affect their lives, she urged the youth to effectively use social media to promote unity and eliminate tribalism.

BBC Sema is currently airing on BBC Swahili service93.9 on Sunday at 1300 EAT and on partner stations (Mtaani Radio, Koch FM, Ghetto FM, Pamoja FM and Sifa FM)  the show is hosted by Phylis Mwatee and Timothy Kimani (alias Njugush).

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