Pangolin Scales and Ivory Siezed in Ivory Coast

The ban on ivory sales in China in 2017 was a move that was seen as one that would fight endangered African elephants, however smuggling of illegal ivory into Asian countries is still ongoing.
About 600kg of elephant tusks and 600kg pangolin scales have been seized in Ivory Coast. The tusks are valued at 450, 000 US dollars and the pangolin scales at 350,000 US dollars on the black market.
The ivory is said to have been from Nigeria, Gabon, Mozambique and Uganda. 6 people have been arrested in connection with this incident among them 2 from Ivory Coast and a Ghanaian.
Ivory has over the years been used to make ornamental pieces mainly for its color while pangolin scales used for traditional medicine in Asian countries.
Pangolin is a small mammal like species in West African countries.
It is estimated that about 30,000 elephants get killed annually in Africa. This has continually reduced the number of elephants in Africa. It is estimated that in 1979 there were about 1.3m elephants and the number has significantly decreased over the years.

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