No Degrees Required for MPs and MCAs

Aspirants vying for seats in parliament and county assembly will not be required to have degrees for the next general elections. However they will be required to present a certificate after studying for at least three months in a post-secondary school institution, this is according to the Elections Act.

Members of parliament failed to change the law on academic qualifications, therefore only locking out individuals who do not have a post-secondary school qualifications. In the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill which was prepared by the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, had proposed that academic qualifications be raised to degree level. The move was aimed at improving the quality of leadership in the country so as to grasp the basic principles of devolution, economics and finance.

Only the President, Deputy President, governors and deputy governors will be required to have degrees from recognized universities. However academic qualifications are among nine areas of the law on the polls the IEBC wants Parliament wants changed before the general elections.

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