Koinonia Community Charity Gala Dinner 2018

Kivuli Center has been home to 14 year James Kariuki for the past four years.
This is one of the centers under Koinonia Community that serves as a safe place to children from the streets and those in vulnerable conditions. Kariuki was rescued from the streets of Nairobi after he fled from home. Life at home had become unbearable due to absentee parents. His parents had sunk deep into alcoholism forcing the young Kariuki to fend for himself and young siblings.
As is customary over the years Koinonia Community rescues children from vulnerable situations (with their consent and the guardians consent); takes them to their safe centers for rehabilitation where they are provided with their basic needs- education , psychosocial support and love. Once they are fully rehabilitated they are reintegrated back to their families (into the society) with close support and follow up from Koinonia Community. As the year draws to a close Kariuki and other beneficiaries will be reintegrated back to the society. He is expected to live with a guardian who has already been identified and both have been prepared through various guardian workshops and meetings.
Koinonia Community has been in existence since the early 90s helping vulnerable children access education and promoting human dignity.
It has set camp in Kenya, Zambia and South Sudan. Through which thousands of beneficiaries have had their lives impacted.
In a bid to proceed with such noble causes Koinonia Community needs your support. Koinonia Community has organised a Fundraising Gala dinner on the 9th November at the Ngong Hills Nairobi.
The money raised will go towards educating young boys and girls rescued from the streets and vulnerable situations.
You are invited to join into this noble event to donate your contribution that will go a long way into touching a child’s heart and bettering their lives.
Donations can be made through our Mpesa pay bill 164027 Account number 1000006897 or via pay pal via www.koinoniacommunity.org

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