Ignorance is No Defense

Ignorance is no defense in a court of law. A person is guilty of handling or being in possession of stolen goods on indictment will be liable for imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years.
Dan Omondi alias Dee as he is popularly known among the inmates at Kamiti Maximum prison, is serving a 13 year sentence after being found guilty for handling stolen goods. This was after buying a stolen car, while trying to get a good bargain.
He got arrested a week to his 20th birthday. He has currently served 10 years and has 3 more to go.
While in prison he decided to utilize his time there and try out music. His music is a fusion of dancehall and hip-hop, drawing influences from the likes of Eminem, Khaligraph jones, Nameless, Redsun, Otile Brown among others. Prison facilities in Kenya have been improved with inmates being able to access information via the media, Omondi has been keeping up with Kenyan music industry and credits the growth over the years. He has also managed to help in the production of other inmates’ music such as the Next Generation Family.
While in prison he has met people of all walks of life. One thing that stands out for him is that prison is not a place to bring someone as a form of punishment after disagreements. He has witnessed men who got jailed after rape allegations by their then girlfriends, further urging the public to find amicable ways of solving problems.
Prison can be a lonely place and one requires support from various quotas. He draws his support from his family and his girlfriend the mother to his daughter who has stood by him despite the distance and the confinement.
He has about three years and a few months before he can become a free citizen. He hopes once out he can preach on the importance of being a law abiding citizen as well as be a good father to his daughter.

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