ICC Terminates Case Against Kenyan Deputy President

The International Criminal Court has dropped charges of crimes against humanity against Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto.
The ICC said Tuesday that judges voted 2-1 to vacate the charges against Ruto and co-defendant Joshua Arap Sang.


Judges Chile Eboe-Osuji and Robert Fremr said prosecutors did not present sufficient evidence to warrant a trial, but added their decision “does not preclude further prosecution in the future, either at the ICC or in a national jurisdiction.”

Eboe-Osuji declared a mistrial in the case, saying the lack of evidence might be explained by “witness interference and political meddling.”


Ruto was charged with being criminally responsible for acts of murder, forcible transfer of population and persecution during the 2007 and 2008 post-election violence in Kenya.


Sang, a Kenyan radio executive, was accused of playing a role in the same crimes.


An estimated 1,100 Kenyans were killed during weeks of ethnic violence that followed the disputed polls, with more than a half million others forced from their homes.


Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta was accused of helping to orchestrate the violence and charged with five counts of crimes against humanity. The ICC terminated proceedings against Kenyatta in March 2015, after court prosecutors withdrew the charges, saying they could not obtain sufficient evidence to take the president to trial.


Rights activists have accused the Kenyan government of not cooperating with the ICC’s investigations and intimidating potential witnesses.


Kenyatta and Ruto were elected in March 2013 while facing charges.

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