Hope for a HIV Cure

Research that has been conducted on mice indicate that there is a possibility of a cure for the HIV virus.
The research was published on the Nature Communications indicate that the first treatment is a long-acting slow effective release-laser form of antiretroviral therapy and the second treatment involves the removal of the viral DNA using a gene editing tool.
The research was done on a mouse model human of HIV. Researchers use model animals to predict how the drug would impact on human health. There have been debates on how effective such researches can be especially on social media.
Among the team of researchers is a Kenyan, one America based Dr Benson Egadwa.
About 1.5m Kenyans are living with the virus and 19.6m people are living with the virus in East and Southern Africa.
If one is not infected they are affected by this virus or knows someone living or has died from the virus.
HIV spreads when a person comes into contact with infected bodily fluids from another person. It progressively weakens the immune system by attacking cells that defend the body against infection and replicating inside them. The antiretroviral drugs help in preventing the spread of the virus and preventing it from developing to AIDS.

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