Father Of Rescued Baby From Collapsed Kenyan Building Found


The Kenyan Red Cross has located the father of a baby who was rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building Tuesday, more than three days after the building came down.

The father, Ralson Saisi Wasike, identified the baby as 6-month-old Dealeryn Saisi Wasike.

The Red Cross reported the early morning rescue, saying the baby girl was taken to a Nairobi hospital with dehydration but no sign of physical injuries.

Rescuers have said there is little hope of finding anyone else alive in the ruins of the building in the Huruma neighborhood. But the discovery of the baby has given hope to those awaiting word of their missing loved ones.

About 135 people have been rescued from the apartment building. Dozens are still missing, five days after the building collapsed following heavy rains.

On Monday, authorities arrested Samuel Kamau, the owner of the six-story residential building. He is expected to appear in court this week.


The residential building, located in a low-income, highly populated Huruma neighborhood in Nairobi, had been condemned by authorities. There has been no official explanation from government officials as to why the evacuation order went ignored.

The building, which was close to a river, collapsed following heavy rains that caused flooding and landslides in many areas of Nairobi. Nearby homes also were declared unsafe.

On Saturday, President Uhuru Kenyatta called for the arrest of the building’s owner.

Kenyatta had ordered an audit of every building in the country last year after eight buildings collapsed, killing at least 15 people. A report from the Architectural Association of Kenya estimates that half of the structures in Nairobi are not up to code.

Kenya’s growing middle class has caused an increase in demand for housing in the city, but building materials used in Nairobi’s recent construction boom have come into question.


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