Ethiopia Says to Have Released About 2,000 Detainees

Ethiopia has released about 2000 detainees who were suspected of taking part in anti-government protests. Defense minister Siraj Fegessa stated that the detainees had been educated and counseled before they were freed, as reported by the state media Fana Broadcasting Corporation. Also adding that some 1,500 illegal weapons had been seized.

Deadly clashes erupted between protesters and security officers at Irreecha Religious Festival, inn Bishoftu, in October. More than 50 people were killed in the stampede.

On October 9th 2016, Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency, for 6 months. This was after months of protest among the Oromo and the Amhara. The demonstrations which started in November 2015, were triggered by government plans to expand the territory of Adis Ababa, the capital. The plans have since been dropped. The protests were also aimed at highlighting issues of economic, political and cultural rights.

Civilians have been prohibited to engage with the so called “outside forces” on social media as well as holding protests in schools or universities.

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