Ebola Outbreak in the DRC

The Kenyan government is on high alert following Ebola reports in DR Congo. The move comes after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an Ebola outbreak on Friday, following one positive test in a laboratory in the capital Kinshasa.
Director of medical services Dr.Jackson Kioko on Tuesday, stated that they had re activated rapid response teams and would screen travelers from DRC. Holding rooms at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport have also been reactivated for suspected Ebola cases.
Dr. Kioko has assured Kenyans that so far there is no suspected case of Ebola virus in the country, however Kenyans should remain vigilant and look out for such illnesses and report to the nearest health facility. He added by stating that the ministry has adequate stock of personal protective equipment that are stored in strategic regional hospitals, which include at least 5,000 body suits used during such instances.
The new Ebola outbreak in the DRC is the first in the continent since 2013 where there was an outbreak in West Africa that killed 11,300.
WHO is working on sending an experimental vaccine to the DRC should the official require it to control the outbreak. So far 3 people of the suspected cases have died. This is the 8th outbreak in the country since the discovery of Ebola in 1976.

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