Church Service Stampede Kills At least 20 in Tanzania

At least 20 people were killed and more than a dozen hurt in a stampede as worshipers rushed to be anointed during a church service in northern Tanzania, at the Rise and Shine Ministry. Among the dead were 5 children with 16 others receiving treatment.
Hundreds of worshipers were attending a church service lead by Boniface Mwamposa, who poured blessed oil on the ground and whoever was in need of a miracle would receive it if they stepped on the blessed oil.
The pastor was arrested later for his role in the incident, Interior Minister George Simbachawene confirmed his arrest however charges against him were not revealed.
Pastor Boniface Mwamposa had been drawing huge crowds during his prosperity sermons where worshipers are urged to step on the blessed oil to receive blessings in life.

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