About Us

Newsfromafrica is an independent online news agency that publishes news and feature stories written from an African perspective. It is an initiative of the Koinonia Community, a non-profit humanitarian organization that works among marginalized groups in Kenya, Zambia and Sudan.

Initially known as Africanews, the agency first went to press on 15 April 1996 as Africa’s very first electronic news bulletin. Our new domain name came into force in October 2003, following the realisation that many other upcoming news agencies had started using Africanews as the title of their bulletin. The new name provides a better reflection of the fact that the sources of the news and other publications are in Africa.

Newsfromafrica publishes regular news, features, press reviews and editorials. Our fundamental goal is to promote peace, justice, human rights and poverty alleviation through the use of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

All the articles published in Newsfromafrica are written from the perspective of the African grassroots people in their struggle for freedom, dignity and justice.

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