Port Harcourt, usually known as the Garden City, is now hardly recognisable under the curtain of cloud that has wrapped it since November 2016.

Port Harcourt is hardly recognisable under the cloud of think could of soot and smog that has covered it since November 2016.

The cause of the smog is not clear but some have blamed illegal oil refineries or the practice of burning tyres.

The Nigerian city of Port Harcourt used to be known as “The Garden City”. However, it has recently been covered in a blanket of black soot, which has prompted the federal government to declare a pollution emergency there.

A man holds out his soot covered hand that he used to illustrate how much soot covered the bonnet of his car.

This is what happens if you wipe your hand on an exposed surface, such as a parked car.

"Soot fall" on bonnets of cars provide evidence on the concentration of particles in the air

Local residents have mobilised using the hashtag #StopTheSoot.

An attendant wipes clean black soot covering a car

It has become impossible to keep cars clean.

A man shields his nostrils in an attempt to avoid breathing the fumes

Local residents are increasingly worried about their health.

A roadside mechanic repairs electricity generators that are believed to contribute to the pollution

However, daily life carries on as much as possible.

A woman walks through the smoke emitted from a dump

People still have to go the market to buy and sell food.

And children still have to go to school…

Source BBC

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